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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gilded Age Ghoulishness at The Mount for "Victorian Boudoir" Party

The fine folks at Berkshire Shenanigans have, over the past several years,  earned themselves a reputation as cats who know how to throw a hell of a party.  Each year for the past half decade or so, they have incrementally outdone themselves with their elaborate and well attended themed Halloween bashes.  From the Spice ballroom to Bosquet to monstering about in the presence of mummies at the Berkshire Museum, they have combined venues with thematic extravaganzas to create decadently dark soirees attended by hundreds.

This year, though, the Shenanigans crew has taken it a bit more next-level, celebrating the All Hallow's season in perhaps the most well known haunted house in the region, The Mount.

The curious history of Edith Wharton's Lenox "cottage" has been explored before in these pages, and in many other articles, books, and the popular television show "Ghost Hunters."  Based on extensive testimonies from Mount visitors, staff, and their past tenants at Shakespeare & Company, who first launched the legend into public awareness, the turn of the century mansion is said to be acutely active with paranormal occurrences.

Indeed, it is thought by some to be haunted by any number of spectres, including Edith, her husband, writer Henry James, and even Wharton's pets (though interestingly, no one ever seems to associate any of the strange sounds and alleged apparitions seen there with, say, less famous people who have actually died on the property, of which there have been a couple).  At present, the museum has over the years collected enough witness reports and ghostly lore to run its own two hour ghost tour at the estate to large crowds each October.  From these, one gets the impression that virtually every part of the mansion has been associated with such surreal encounters.

Tour guide leads visitors in a night time recon of The Mount's pet cemetery, Oct 2012
Now, this Saturday, The Mount will host Berkshire Shenanigans "Victorian Boudoir," a risque homage to the period that built so many of the Berkshires' fine estates (and scandals, and legends), complete with all the holiday trimmings: candy, carved pumpkins, costume contest and their usual outstanding decorative flair.  Oh and the truly inestimable DJ BFG, who even manages to get me on the dance floor at times, as unlikely a prospect as that is.

I would extend an imploratory "get your tickets now!" but sadly for you, dear reader, due to the established reputation of the Berkshire Shenanigans gang, tickets were completely sold out long, long before I could pen this preview.  If you can, by some means, beg, bribe, blackmail or otherwise obtain such a ticket from someone who has one I strongly suggest it... and you may wish to check back with the Facebook event page, as there may be one or two more last minute scalpers who aren't able to use their ticket.

For those of you going, keep your eyes and ears peeled as you are wandering to and from the main hall, as perhaps these unusually racy shenanigans will pique the curiosity of one or two of the house's longest residents...


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